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Why us?

  • No obligation free on site quoting

  • Comprehensive design solutions from a single room to a complete building

  • The capacity to handle all types of commercial applications

  • Professional and quality controlled service

  • Fully compliant Work Health and Safety System to ensure Legislative and Site Safety requirements are adhered to at all times.

  • No job too small or too large

  • Qualified engineers

  • Comprehensive service and maintenance packages

  • Warranty

  • We will beat the price of other like quotes

  • We are committed to quality, see what our customers here.


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VRV or VRF Systen

VRV or VRF air conditioning systems

are used to custom design larger

buildings, such as large offices and

commercial projects, allowing a wide

and varied selection of indoor units

and control systems to be connected

to one or more outdoor units.


Chilled Water System

Chilled water air conditioning systems

are used to custom design large scale

buildings. Providing a wide selection of

indoor units air handling/fan coil units.

Which can be controlled and integrated

with the  building management system

(BMS) and connected to one large

capacity outdoor chiller unit. Whilst the initial capital costs associated with chilled water can be substantial. The ongoing annual running costs can be reduced by as much as 20% in

comparison to other air conditioning products.


Ducted Air Conditioning Sytem

Ducted air conditioning is the most popular choice for larger areas and is arguably the most flexible, unobtrusive and quietest of all air conditioning systems. Suited to locations with false or suspended ceilings due to the space required for ducting runs, the outlets are covered by grilles which can be sited discretely. Ducted air conditioning systems are also considered to be among the most energy efficient.


Cassette Air Conditioning System

For best effect these attractive ceiling mounted air conditioning units are ideally fitted where there is a false or suspended ceiling. Usually if your workspace requires more than one unit, they can be fitted to a single external condenser. Like ducted air conditioning systems, these units are ‘as quiet as a whisper’.Modern ceiling cassette air conditioning and almost all other new systems provide dual cooling and heating.




Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning System

Less extensive spaces may benefit particularly from ceiling mounted air conditioning systems. The main benefit of these systems is that they don’t require suspended ceilings or any floor or wall space.

We supply and install some of the best ceiling mounted air conditioners available in a range of power levels. These air conditioning units are extremely quiet in operation and are either mounted directly on the ceiling surface or suspended from it. Control units may be wall mounted or in the form of remote controls depending on the model chosen.




Wall & Floor Mounted Air Conditioning Systems

These flexible air conditioning systems are suitable for a variety of applications. Commonly used in computer rooms, server rooms, office spaces and restaurants, these units can be mounted at any level from floor to ceiling. A multiple unit installation may be connected to a single external condenser depending on the building’s layout.

Available in cooling only or combined heating / cooling versions they are efficient and extremely quiet in operation. We supply major air conditioner brands which have proven to be reliable, efficient and cost effective.

There are several types of commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems available and the decision as to which one is most suited to your business will depend on the volume and contents of the buildings to be climate controlled as well as aesthetic considerations. The main types of air conditioning that we fit are described below.

Anchor VRV

Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning casino

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